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Spring Self Care for the Allergy Prone Student

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

If you live on the East Coast, you’re probably well aware that spring has finally sprung.  The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and the snow is long gone!  The warm spring breeze is relaxing and refreshing to some, but for others, the fresh air brings something else, pollen.  In order to keep you on your feet and ready for your next class, here are a few items to keep your allergies at bay while you conquer the day:

  • This Organic Peppermint Tea from Traditional Medicinals.  While this batch of tea leaves won’t be the magic cure to your allergies, it does come pretty close.  A steaming cup of this tea easily clears your sinuses and removes every trace of that tickle in your throat.

Mickey Mouse Kleenex Ultra Soft Go Anywhere Facial Tissue from Target
  • These Kleenex Go Anywhere Facial Tissues.   A pack of tissues is pretty self-explanatory, but the iconic Mickey Mouse logo printed all over this cheap little pack will remind you to smile every time you reach for a tissue.

  • These Vitamin C Gummies from Sundown Naturals are vegetarian-friendly and gluten and lactose-free so there is no excuse for not taking them daily.  It’s easy to forget that a big part of our mental health is taking care of our bodies and staying physically healthy.  Taking vitamin C on a regular basis can greatly improve our immune systems, allowing us to fight all infections and virus’ keeping us healthy and happy.  Take one every morning, do you feel a difference?

Wall of positive affirmations written on sticky notes

For the lucky ones who stay symptom-free throughout allergy, season spring can still be a    highly stressful time.  The semester is winding down but it seems as if the workload is still piling up.   According to Society 19’s article, 10 Daily Activities to Brighten your Mindset, one particular way to stay positive is to post sticky notes with positive affirmations in a place you will see them every day.  Seeing these positive messages every morning will encourage you to be your best self and keep you in an uplifted mood throughout the day.  Whether you are struggling through allergies or just trying to keep up with a heavy workload as the weather changes, here are a few products to help you make it to finals:

  • This Fiji Bar Soap, made by the cruelty-free brand, Village Naturals Aromatherapy is perfect for a relaxing shower after a long day of crushing it. With ingredients like coconut and pineapple oils, wild fern extract, and ground bamboo, this aromatherapy soap will treat you to an exotic tropical shower experience, immediately promoting tranquility.

  • This sweet smelling Strength and Energy Candle from Chesapeake Bay Candle will create a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere in any room.  The floral and citrus notes of this scented candle promote wellness for mind and body.  Light this candle before sitting down to start your homework or while doing some meditative yoga poses.  Reflect on what you smell and how it makes you feel.

  • Finally, this Glow-Boosting Unicorn Peel-Off Mask, made by Yes To, will provide you with the perfect opportunity to sit and meditate at the end of a long, stressful week.  This fun, iridescent, pink colored mask is perfect for brightening combination to normal skin types.  With ingredients like grapefruit and Vitamin C, this mask, made with 96% natural ingredients, is the ideal way to unwind.  This video provides a quick and easy tutorial of how to apply and remove the unicorn mask.


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