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Find Last-Minute Cheap Flights with Southwest Airlines’ 'Wanna Go Wednesdays’ Program

Southwest Airlines Plane takes off above airport
Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Southwest Airlines is making Hump Days a little more bearable with a new program that offers low fares every Wednesday. 

Starting May 1, customers can book affordable last-minute getaways during Southwest’s “Wanna Go Wednesdays.” 

“Customers have a whole new reason to look forward to the weekdays,” said Jennifer Bridie, Vice President of Marketing Communications and Strategy at Southwest Airlines. “Wanna Go Wednesdays is a new weekly program that allows customers to book the latest low fares on routes that are still available for last-minute bookings.” 

Each Wednesday, Southwest will offer low fares on several routes including: 

  • $69 one-way, non-stop flights between Las Vegas and Long Beach, Ca. 

  • $89 one-way, non-stop flights between Denver and Phoenix

  • $89 one-way, non-stop flights between Dallas (Love Field) and New Orleans

  • $109 one-way, non-stop flights between Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) and Detroit

  • $109 one-way, non-stop flights between Atlanta and Orlando 

“We think this is a great way to highlight some spontaneous travel destinations at low fares for our customers,” Bridie said. 


Visit the Southwest Airlines website each Wednesday to see the latest low fares. 


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