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Studying Abroad: A Trip to Stonehenge

The Stonehenge Monument in England
The Stonehenge Monument in England
Brighton University TV Studio
Brighton University TV Studio

I spent a lot of this week in the studio for our Audiovisual Professional Practice class. We finally started gathering content for our project. I got to lead the interview with the owner of the small business we're working with and help the group take pictures of the products.

I loved being back in the studio and behind the camera. It was also my first time working with lighting and sound in the control room. It was a bit of an adjustment working in the photography studio but learning new techniques about lighting and angles was rewarding.

This weekend, we went on another group trip organized by the study abroad office. On Saturday morning we took a bus to Bath, which was about a three-hour drive from Brighton. The city was beautiful with lots of old buildings and churches. We took a tour of the Roman Baths, a museum built around a Roman Bath House. The museum detailed the history of Roman Britain and had ruins of a temple and figures they worshipped.

After leaving the Roman Baths, a group of us explored Stall Street where there were tons of unique clothing stores and some familiar ones. We checked out a few stores before stopping at Cornish Bakehouse, where I tried my first pasty. A pasty is basically a thick pastry usually filled with some type of meat and vegetables. I got the traditional steak with veggies and potatoes and it was so satisfying.

We wandered toward the Jane Austen Centre but ended up taking a detour through Queen Square, a park where there was a small farmers market with stalls selling snacks and homemade goods. By the end of the night, our bus took us to a hotel where we had dinner before heading to bed.

On Sunday morning, we got back on the bus and drove toward Stonehenge. We stopped in Salisbury for a bit and explored the Salisbury Cathedral and some of the stores nearby. It was so peaceful, especially since it was early in the morning.

Stonehenge was only a short drive from Salisbury and it was definitely worth the trip, though it was much smaller than I imagined it would be. In fact, the whole experience was much different than what I expected. When you first arrive at the location of the landmark, you have to wait in line before taking a short bus ride to the actual monument. There are ropes around the perimeter of Stonehenge to keep people from getting too close. We walked around for a while and took pictures before grabbing lunch at the visitor's center and getting back on our bus to go back to campus.


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