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Studying Abroad: One Last Adventure in London

Bond Street in London, England
Bond Street in London, England

It feels like time has flown since I've been living in England. With less than three days until my flight home, I'm honestly not sure how to feel. As much as I miss my home and my family, I know I'll also miss the friends and home I've made here.

I spent most of Monday in my hotel room enjoying my last few hours of British Netflix, which has some different shows than its American counterpart. I found out the hard way that there aren't many places to eat around the hotel or Heathrow Airport. I was lucky enough to get free breakfast at the hotel, but for dinner, I ordered food through Uber Eats and had it delivered.

Harrods in London, England
Harrods in London, England

On Tuesday, my last full day before returning home, I decided to explore London one last time. After breakfast at the hotel, I took the hour-and-a-half tube ride into London. I got off near Hyde Park and walked over to Harrods, an upscale department store. After exploring the store for a while, I walked through Hyde Park for about 20 minutes. I made my way to a museum called the Serpentine Gallery, past the Albert Memorial.

I walked around the gallery for a while before continuing through Hyde Park, past the Italian Gardens, and toward Paddington. I then took a 15-minute tube ride to Bond Street, a popular shopping area with luxury stores.

Bond Street was festively decorated for Christmas with lights and decorations hanging from the stores. I explored different stores for a while, eventually wandering over to Regent Street, another popular shopping area packed with holiday shoppers. I made my way to a bookstore called Waterstones where I found a cute Peppa Pig children's book about England that I bought for my little cousin.

Regent Street was also beautifully decorated with lights that were strung between the buildings. It was busy as people rushed around in and out of stores and street performers demanded attention near a metro entrance. As it got dark, I made my way to a familiar Japanese restaurant, Itsu, to get dinner before taking the hour-and-a-half tube ride back to my hotel near the airport. It almost felt like an anticlimactic end to my trip.

On Wednesday morning, I packed up all my belongings and took an Uber to Heathrow Airport to catch my flight home. I stopped for a quick breakfast at a busy restaurant near my gate and picked up a few last-minute gifts in the duty-free section before getting on the plane and saying goodbye to the UK.


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