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Studying Abroad: Reading Week

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton
The Royal Pavilion in Brighton

There are only about two weeks left until it will be time for me to pack up and fly back home to the US, and as homesick as I am, I'm definitely going to miss living in Brighton. I decided to stay in London for a few days before my flight back home, so I made sure to book a hotel this week that's near the airport I'm going to be flying out of.

This week is reading week, meaning we have a break from classes to focus on our finals. I spent most of the week in my room working since my final paper for my British Culture and Travel Writing classes are due by the end of the week.

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery
Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

My friends and I took a break on Tuesday to go ice skating at the Royal Pavilion. With our student discount, it was pretty cheap to rent skates for an hour. The pavilion was completely decorated for Christmas, and there was a little café selling hot chocolate and other snacks. The ice skating rink usually looked busy when I passed by, but when we went around 2 p.m. there weren't many people there.

I turned in my travel writing paper on Wednesday and it was nice to be done. I've been spending a lot more time exploring Brighton lately as the end of my trip gets closer.

After running errands on Friday, I stopped by a Japanese restaurant that I had been dying to try. I haven't tried any sushi places since I've been in England, but Itsu had great sushi. It was fresh, quick, and perfect for takeaway since I had to take the bus back to campus.


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