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Vegan brand Meat the Mushroom launches Baltimore pop-up with delicious meat alternatives

Meat the Mushroom BLT sandwich
Courtesy Meat the Mushroom

Baltimore-based vegan meat brand Meat the Mushroom has launched a pop-up “Swap Out the Swine” experience. The Shark Tank alums created the movement inspired by their own health journey and the stigmas surrounding pork consumption.

The entrepreneurs are inspiring others to embrace healthier and equally delicious alternatives. The “Swap Out the Swine” pop-up celebrates food diversity while guiding foodies to make informed choices without sacrificing flavor.

During the weekly Meat the Mushroom pop-up check out signature Shroomacon menu items like the BLT sandwich and vegan potato salad.

“As busy entrepreneurs, we understand the convenience of eating out, so we're always looking for unique options that cater to both Marvin's vegan diet and my flexitarian diet. We're excited to bring that right here in our hometown,” said Co-founder Aleah Montague.

The pop-up experience is open for pick-up orders on Fridays and Saturdays at B-More Kitchen located at 5609 Hess Avenue, Baltimore from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Check out the menu and order HERE.

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