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Surviving College Finals

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

If you are a college student currently immersed in finals week the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath in and out. For college students, finals week can be both mentally and emotionally overwhelming. Between meeting with study groups, getting papers turned in on time, and trying to get enough sleep, finals are the definition of stress.

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According to a USM Free Press article, 7 Time Management Tips to Get You Through Finals, there are a few things you can do to stay cool, calm, and collected while acing all your finals. The most helpful piece of advice is to limit study break time. While it’s important to take short breaks between study sessions, it’s also important to stay focused. Short study breaks are great for freeing up mental space or switching gears between two different subjects. Unfortunately, many students know that a 20-minute study break can turn into a 2-hour binge session very quickly. A great way to keep yourself on schedule is to set an alarm. Take time to go for a walk, get a snack, or talk to a friend; something you usually enjoy which will take your mind of studying for a few minutes. If you’re feeling really overwhelmed, take some time to find a short meditation video and follow along. Allow yourself to feel stressed, frustrated, tired, and hopefully after a few minutes, relieved and ready to get back to work.

If you’re still feeling stressed don’t worry, here are a few other things that can help you get into finals mode:

  • This Lemon Essential Oil by Nature’s Truth is a great scent to use while you study or before you go in for a test. The zesty, tart scent of lemon is invigorating and provides the perfect rush of energy to keep you awake and focused for a few hours. Use this in your humidifier or just put a drop on your wrist and take a deep breath, either way, you’ll immediately feel its amazing effects.

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  • Another great scent with rejuvenating effects is this Peppermint Essential Oil by Nature’s Truth. This roll-on oil is perfect for on the go. Use this oil while on your way to class for a quick pick me up or apply some to your pressure points before sitting down to study.

  • One of my favorite study snacks is this Caramel Cashew Trail Mix from Archer Farms. While this snack may not be the most healthy food in your pantry, it will be the most delicious and convenient. This 37oz. package of caramel, chocolate, and nuts will last you all through finals week and you might even have a little left for your post-finals celebration. Take this snack to your study session, share with friends, or simply use it as an incentive to get to your next study break.

  • Finally, this Coco Colada Shea Sugar Scrub by Tree Hut is the perfect product for a relaxing shower at the end of a stressful day. Filled with natural ingredients like shea butter, avocado, and orange oil, this exfoliating sugar scrub won’t rest until your skin is soft and you are thoroughly relaxed.

If you are still having a hard time staying positive as finals loom overhead, refer to this video and remember, you got this!

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