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Valentine’s Day Ideas Based on Your Partner’s Love Language | AD

Updated: Feb 8

Collage of Valentine’s Day Ideas
Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there are a million ways to make your special someone feel loved and appreciated. Learning your partner’s love language can do wonders for a relationship and can make it much easier to understand your partner’s wants and needs. 

Not everyone fits into a specific love language category, and some people may fit into more than one. The concept of love languages was originally created by a Baptist pastor named Gary Chapman in 1992. 

The 5 love languages are: 

  • Words of Affirmation

  • Quality Time

  • Gifts

  • Acts of Service 

  • Physical Touch 

One of the best ways to determine someone’s love language is through an online quiz or simply by asking. Understanding your partner’s love language can make thinking of Valentine’s Day ideas more straightforward. 

On Valentine’s Day, flowers are a must, but if you want to go all out here are some ways to surprise your partner: 

  1. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a fan favorite on Valentine’s Day. This is something you can easily make at home after buying some chocolate chips and popping them in the microwave for a few minutes. Another option is to order a batch to be delivered to your home

  2. Decorating your partner’s space can be a welcome surprise that sets the mood and intention for the day (or night). Try spreading flower petals across the floor or decorating the bed with heart-shaped pillows

  3. A relaxing bath can be the perfect way for you and your partner to unwind at the end of the night. Try adding a moisturizing bath bomb that is gentle on the skin or a pH-balanced bubble bath soap. Surrounding the tub with tealight candles can set the atmosphere.

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